Funny Mugs for Coffee Lovers

Funny Mugs for Coffee Lovers
Seal Lovers Coffee Mug

“Seal of Approval” See what they did there?

Funny Coffee Mug Gift

Perfect gift for those who like toilet humor. How about that one uncle..? Get it at

Funny "Coffee Makes Me Poop" Mug

And since we’re on the subject….

Funny Coffee Mug Overthinking Mug

Who do you that overthinks everything? It is you? Don’t overthink getting this one.

Removable ugly sweater belly coffee mug

This one is likely to be appreciated by that uncle too. They sweater comes off to leave a hairy beer belly!

Frosted Flakes Mug Collection

They’re grreeeeaaatt! I love this 4 pack of vintage looking Tony the Tiger mugs. P.S. There’s a Fruit Loop collection too!

Amped Funny Coffee Mug

For when you need to get amped with your morning (or afternoon) joe.

Of course, I had to bring all the Amazon goodies too. Prime it up!

Huge coffee mug

For those who need a shi**ton of coffee!

lego coffee mug gift “Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you have this mug…!”

There’s a little something for everyone here, and much more when you go exploring! Of course, legally I have to disclaim that by sharing my passion for coffee & laughter I may or may not get compensated. If you like those things too, please buy through Coffee & Cool Stuff. You’re awesome! Now go caffeinate and fill up those carts.

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